About Tall Palm Media

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You’ve created a successful business you’re proud of.  Naturally it comes with its ups and downs, but these are your dreams and everyday you are working your tail off to ensure everything runs smoothly and your business continues to grow. 

How do we know? Because we get it, we understand the realities of running a business and how little time there can be left for vital day to day operating tasks let alone having enough time to implement successful social media and digital marketing strategies. That’s where we come in.

Tall Palm Media is

Eva and Cameron, two social media obsessed, Canadian digital nomads roaming the lands of south eastern Spain, *Ole*.

After both enjoying successful sales careers in the wine business, our mutual passion for social media marketing and online marketing of any kind, blossomed into the idea for this very business. We saw people were having the same kind of issues,(connecting to their audience, strategy implementation, managing multiple successful platforms and maintaining up to date and responsive websites), and we wanted to help.

Taking our laptops and little else, we made the journey in early fall 2018 to the south of Spain. Here we are educating ourselves about the local wine business, (can anyone say chilled Manzanilla with Spanish olives??!!), attempting to learn the language, (copa de vino tinto por favor), and working diligently on serving our clients.

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Tall Palm Media sprouted from our mutual love for serving others. Fueled by red wine and sunshine.

Together we will Bridge the Gap to your Goals

You know that special thing that sets you and your business apart from any other like it in the universe? We want to hear about it, tell us your story. We are here to help.

we care about your business

We want to make your life easier, take off the added stress of your online presence and help you to continue to grow your business