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We connect wine and hospitality businesses with their community of loyal fans

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Facebook Management

Tell the world your story! Having a Facebook page for your business is no longer optional and when done right, will gain your business the attention it deserves. Facebook has become a part of everyday life and is the perfect platform to discover and connect with your ideal client. Facebook can solve your greatest challenges.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is the dark horse of Social Media, with numbers in 2018 that doubled 2017, this platform is full steam ahead in popularity and usage. Operating more like a search engine than a social media network, Pinterest has the ability to directly reach your target audience. Now is the time to utilize this platform in your social media plan.

Instagram Management

Your business needs more engagement in order to gain attention and reach new audiences. Instagram has the highest engagement rate of all platforms and is an open door to developing relationships with your potential customers, prospects and fans.

Website Design

Your website is the blueprint for your online business presence. Having a thoughtfully designed and brand oriented website is the key to standing out online. Credibility and trust are built through your online presence. Creating optimized and mobile responsive websites that match your business values is what we are here to do.

what's our story?

Tall Palm Media sprouted from our mutual love of serving others. Fueled by red wine and sunshine

As Social Media Managers who care, we are here to invest the time and strategy necessary to grow your online presence

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Eva Ash

I love to get know people, understand what makes them tick, get to the root of their dreams, their goals. Finding and using Social Media as an outlet and way to connect with people in parallel industries motivated me to follow my inspiration as a implementer and marketer. It’s my passion to help people succeed in creating brands that represent who they are as people. I want to help you take your business to the next level using Social Media and your web presence as the leverage to get you there.
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Problem solving is my superpower and my passion! I am a people person, I’m super positive, ultra creative, and genuinely love to listen, (ask Eva). This combo of traits, and my obsession with social media, makes me the ideal person to take the weight of social media off of your shoulders. I am on an endless pursuit to learn something from every person that I meet and each situation that I encounter. Today’s social media connects businesses with their customer on a more personal level, so understanding your business matters most for me. Teach me what makes your business unique and what challenges you are facing. I’m here and ready to listen. Let’s tackle your greatest challenges together.